You Can Make Many Kinds Of Recipe At Home !!!

Read on our some of tips for your help and try to know by belows descriptions. We are try to give some of knowledged from our site .

You Can Eat Or Make Decision What Food Is Good For Your Health

Now if you want you can learn from here what's food as you need for your body and those age by age you want to eat .Make good food and be healthy :)

Choose Your Good Food And Be Healthy And Enjoy Your Happy Life

Food is good for our human body and it's keep save our life BUT major part is our should be choosed food and healthy food

Need Security And Safety For Our Eating Food

We are all time avoid this type of part which is Safety .When we are go on to eat or food related work those time we are don't be Safe then it's be a harmful effect for body by hidely .So be carefully

Most Food Of Source Is Fruit . Fruit Is Good And A Healthy Product For Our Human Body .

Many people are like to eat Fruit .And Fruit are most vitamin in our world .Every ages are man can eat fruit .and if you want you can alive by eat kinds of fruit .It's not bad for our body BUT good fruit is the best not eat any bad or dangerous fruit .

What Is Food ?

Food is a thinks of a substance product, That’s means NOT at all  kinds of substance product .It’s some of selected substance .Only which of substance that’s have eatable and body supportable think and of course should be able to provide any power on human body by those substance .Then that’s substance‘s we are called FOOD . Ok lets going on for explain ,

It’s have to need include carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, or minerals.
Should be need different different power in this any substance (which you think food) .
Should be able to direct eat (such as fruit ) or able to process (such as Cooking, boil, burning, etc. )

Of course had be premised by doctor or scientist for a food that’s eat .
And be carefully, Which substance are harmful for our body that’s odiously NOT  are our food .Then that’s type of food’s we are called Inedible or harm-food .
As comfortable I’m going more explain for good understanding …

Food are :      All of food are to be some type of substance .There are By-Cooking, Fruit, By-Boiling, By-Burning etc. Then we are able to eat .That’s are 

  • asparagus
  • apples
  • avacado
  • alfalfa
  • acorn squash  (NOPE: this is actually an ‘S’)
  • almond
  • arugala
  • artichoke
  • applesauce
  • asian noodles (NOPE, an ‘N’)
  • antelope
  • ahi tuna (NOPE: this is actually a ‘T’)
  • albacore tuna
  • Apple juice
  • Avocado roll
  • Bruscetta
  • bacon
  • black beans
  • bagels
  • baked beans
  • BBQ
  • bison
  • barley
  • beer
  • bisque
  • bluefish
  • bread
  • broccoli
  • buritto
  • babaganoosh
  • Cabbage
  • cake
  • carrots
  • carne asada
  • celery
  • cheese
  • chicken
  • catfish
  • chips
  • chocolate
  • chowder
  • clams
  • coffee
  • cookies
  • corn
  • cupcakes
  • crab
  • curry
  • cereal
  • chimichanga
  • dates
  • dips
  • duck
  • dumplings
  • donuts
  • eggs
  • enchilada
  • eggrolls
  • English muffins
  • edimame
  • eel sushi
  • fajita
  • falafel
  • fish  (might be too vague)
  • franks
  • fondu
  • French toast
  • French dip
  • Garlic
  • ginger
  • gnocchi
  • goose
  • granola
  • grapes
  • green beans
  • Guancamole
  • gumbo
  • grits
  • Graham crackers
  • ham
  • halibut
  • hamburger (and cheeseburgers and bacon cheeseburgers)
  • honey
  • huenos rancheros
  • hash browns
  • hot dogs
  • haiku roll
  • hummus
  • ice cream
  • Irish stew
  • Indian food
  • Italian bread
  • jambalaya
  • jelly / jam
  • jerky
  • jalapeƱo
  • kale
  • kabobs
  • ketchup
  • kiwi
  • kidney beans
  • kingfish
  • lobster
  • Lamb
  • Linguine
  • Lasagna
  • Meatballs
  • Moose
  • Milk
  • Milkshake
  • Noodles
  • Ostrich
  • Pizza
  • Pepperoni
  • Porter
  • Pancakes
  • Quesadilla
  • Quiche
  • Reuben
  • Spinach
  • Spaghetti
  • Tater tots
  • Toast
  • ? (any ideas)
  • Venison
  • Waffles
  • Wine
  • Walnuts
  • Yogurt
  • Ziti
  • Zucchini

Inedible are :      Have many kinds of substance are in our world .Which we thought or try to eat but it’s NOT right dissition for you . Cause when you want to eat a substance then you need to know about that .

And you need to know about those are Is it are allowed by a doctor or scientist science , and also need to knows to is it how much right or good for our body or how much wrong or harmful for our body.
 Some of name Inedible are …




Jatropha Fruit


European Spindle

So be carefully .And of course eating is good for our body . But not extra is more evil for our human body J

Baby’s Food

:                               Baby’s  food is which food we told that’s food are comfortable for baby’s body .
All of baby are soft and of course food should be able soft .Then this food good for a baby’s .Then need be carefully for this section And See the below details 
Baby's for first food :    For the first six months of breast milk
is this only food that your baby needs to grow and be healthy . Breastfeeding is the normal way to feed babbles .
If you give your baby any other food , including infant formula , you will make lass breast milk .
if you stop breastfeeding, It's will be hard to start breastfeeding again .Then your Baby can be  fowled in some treble .

So you need to follow us for this :

  •  Breastfeeding is healthy, natural, convenient, and free feed .And it's also a good way to bond with your baby .

  •  Breast milk contains antibodies that lower the chance of your baby getting infections .

  •  Mother who breastfeed have less risk of breast cancer, and ovarian caner .

Breastfeed babies need 10 micrograms of vitamin D each day, Continue to give a vitamin D supplement until your baby is  at least one year old.
And if possible then you can able to continue to breastfeed until your baby is two years old or more .Cause breastfeed is GOOD for a baby's body .
The longer you breastfeed, The more benefits you and your baby get .If you are thinking about using infect formula, get all the facts first .
Breast milk protects your baby's health .

Dog’s Food

                Dogs exhibit omnivorous feeding behavior and therefore their diet should be comprised of proteins,
carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water in the correct proportions. A dog food that meets
these requirements is called a “Complete” or “Balanced” diet. The amount of food a dog requires
depends on the animal’s age, breed, gender, activity, temperament, environment and metabolism.


Comprised of 23 different amino acids, proteins are often called the “building blocks” of the tissues. The
dog’s body can manufacture 13 of these amino acids. The other 10 amino acids, however, must come
from dietary meat and plant sources and are called the “essential amino acids”. The biological value of a protein is a measure of that protein’s ability to supply amino acids, particularly
the 10 essential amino acids, and to supply these amino acids in the proper proportions. In general,
animal proteins (meat, by-product meal) have higher biological value than vegetable proteins (soybean meal, corn gluten meal).


Fats are used to supply energy, essential fatty acids, and transport the fat-soluble Vitamins A, D, E and K. In addition, fats make a diet more palatable to a dog.Fats help to maintain a healthy skin and haircoat. However, if a dog’s diet is very high in fat it may
result in the dog eating an excessive amount of energy that may predispose to weight gain and obesity.
If the fat becomes rancid, it destroys Vitamins E and A, and linoleic acid, leading to deficiencies of
these essential nutrients. Commercial dog foods contain special natural or synthetic additives called
“antioxidants” to prevent fat rancidity and prolong shelf-life.


Carbohydrates provide energy and are made up primarily of sugars, starches and cellulose (fiber).
Carbohydrates are supplied in the diet from plant sources such as grains and vegetables. The sugars
are 100 percent digestible. Starches, which are the largest part of most plant carbohydrates, need to be cooked before they can be digested and utilized by the dog. Cellulose is not digestible, but it is used for its fiber content in the diet, which helps prevent constipation, diarrea and maintain gastroint estinal health.
Carbohydrates are a direct source of energy and are also protein-sparing nutrients. Without carbohydrates and fats, the dog’s body must convert protein to glucose to obtain energy; consequently, these proteins are no longer available for the building and maintenance of lean body tissues


Vitamins are necessary for many of the body’s chemical reactions. Fat-soluble Vitamins A, D, E and K need fat in the diet to be absorbed by the body. The B-complex vitamins dissolve in water and are readily absorbed by the body. Vitamin C also dissolves in water, but it is not needed in the canine diet
because dogs can make it themselves.“Complete” and “Balanced” commercial dog foods don’t need additional vitamin supplementation for most normal dogs.


Minerals are needed by the body for structural building and chemical reactions. Like vitamins, minerals
are supplied in the correct proportions in “Complete” and “Balanced” commercial dog foods. Damage can be done by over supplementation. This is particularly true for calcium and phosphorus, because the
proportions of these two minerals must be supplied to the dog in the proper ratios for nutritional health.


Water is the most important nutrient for all animals. Healthy dogs regulate their water intake so long as
clean and fresh water is always available. A dog can lose all its body fat and half of its protein and survive; but if it loses only one-tenth of its water, the dog may not survive. Feeding a Balanced Diet Dogs require a diet that regularly includes proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water
for proper nutrition. Of equal importance is the balance of these nutrients in the diet. A
commercial dog food is the most convenient method of ensuring a dog receives these ingredients in correct proportions